My creative vision has evolved with a blend of elegance and sensuality, combined with my love for bold design, to create images which tell stories that range from the seemingly mundane to the abstract and conceptual, for the Advertising and Leisure/Luxury markets.

Even though I usually photograph relevant men in the arts, sports, celebrity/entertainment and business, executive/corporate environments, I spend most of my time working with women.

I photograph women for fashion & beauty editorial advertising projects, plus women in the leisure & luxury industries for different brands, marketing their products and services.

I shoot portraits of women, trying to capture their essence as well as trying to unfold their personal enigmas! I photograph women for my personal work.

I live surrounded by women, even in my personal time, as life and the universe have granted me 3 fantastic daughters and a wonderful wife, so my daily life is a constant browsing of the female spirit!!

I am obsessed with grace, elegance and sensuality, specially when women allow me to expose their inner strengths and feelings. Which is why I love so much when I am hired to use my personal work as a guideline to shoot commercial projects!

I was recently interviewed by Voyage Magazine Miami, an invitation-only publication, to talk more in depth about myself, my origins and and my visio. Y0u can read the entire interview in the original link