The 2018 Photo-Workshops with Jorge Parra.

Jorge Parra Photography will offer a series of Photography and Lighting Workshops for selected participants, in an intimate atmosphere, where only 8-10 photographers will attend each workshop. This will allow the one-on-one training that each participant deserves to REALLY improve their visual arts skills and the creative development of his/her portfolio. Based on the experience gained from teaching for several years at the Miami Ad School, plus the previous private San Francisco and Miami Workshops, Jorge Parra Photography has selected the following content for the upcoming trainings:

- SMARTPHONE PHOTOGRAPHY: an interesting trend has now become a powerful form of expression, and the participants of this workshop will greatly improve their skills at shooting with their smartphones , first by learning the professional tricks on how to use the capabilities of your own smartphone, plus further improving their images without ever leaving their phone, using editing apps for even better results.

- BASIC LIGHTING FOR PORTRAITS: this is a real basic training on lighting, where so participants can get comfortable with the use  of natural light and manipulated natural light,  and then using artifical lights in the studio, to obtain fantastic results which will improve the quality of their portraits.

- INTRO TO FASHION PHOTOGRAPHY: although the name is obvious, this training is aimed at those who want to work with lighting (both natural and artificial) and want to improve their own personal style, by shooting models on location and/or studio, approaching it as an editorial photo-shoot for a magazine. Wardrobe, from casual to swimwear to couture, plus Hair and Make Up Stylists will be provided.

-THE FINE ART BODYSCAPE: A powerful workshop dedicated to study the human figure and how to develop creative and artistic images, where concepts, composition and lighting will lead the way to obtain meaningful images. Models, Make Up, Styling and Props will be provided, so each participant can approach the body from his /her own vision.

Please contact us for more details about the upcoming Photo Workshops with Jorge Parra in Miami